Wabi sabi memory box ideas

If you’re searching for some amazing memory box ideas with a special aesthetic angle, you’ve come to the right place!

Wabi sabi memory box ideas

Why make a memory box?

As its name suggests, a memory box is a box for storing your memories of a certain event or person in the form of treasured items from the past. Storing everything in just one box will naturally limit you to NOT clutter your living space or mental space. While it is nice to go down the memory lane from time to time, it is counterproductive to be reminded of the past when you’re trying to focus on work. It is just as counterproductive to store only things you use in the present. Because things from the past allow you to connect the dots, notice some progress and form the story of your life.

When it comes to choosing a memory box for keepsakes, you can definitely use any kind of container, but what these 6 memory boxes below have in common is a Japanese aesthetic concept called wabi sabi.

What is the concept of wabi sabi?

It is amazing that the wabi sabi aesthetic concept appeared in a country famous for its quality products because wabi sabi is the art of finding beauty in imperfection, impermanence and incompleteness. The wabi sabi style focuses on simplicity, minimalism, natural materials and a color palette reminding you of the natural world. Speaking of colors, I favor the blue and brown combination because it is a nice memento of the dominant colors of the planet we live on. You will encounter this color palette in all my poem designs from the memory boxes below.

If you are a perfectionist like I am, adopting a wabi sabi attitude will encourage you to embrace your imperfections, the imperfections of your home and work and to find beauty in everyday items and in your daily routine. You can start by trying more creative and offline activities when at home, such as reading poetry from an actual printed book or drawing with colored crayons.

Gathering a collection of treasured items from your past is another offline activity you can do in your free time. This could be especially valuable at the end of a project or during mourning to wrap things up and move forward with your life, hopefully learning something from the experience.

Each of the 6 memory boxes below includes one visual poem on the lid. Since each event or person around which you make a memory box is unique, you may find it useful to customize things. All these box designs are available on Zazzle and you can personalize many things without any extra charge: you can change the background color, add text, add photos, remove text or photos, choose different options regarding the box itself and even transfer each design to a different product.

Have you ever made a memory box for keepsakes? I’d love to hear from you in a comment below!

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