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Marine Ikebana paperweights

merging tradition with contemporary design

Hi! I’m Anca and I am a designer who finds inspiration at sea and NOT in clutter, hence my love for minimalism.

If you’d see the blank walls of my home, you’d think I don’t like art at all, but I do. As a minimalist though, instead of wall art, I prefer to display art in small and portable products such as paperweights.

What do you do with a paperweight?

A paperweight is a small, portable and usually decorative 3D object that you put on top of loose paper files to keep them in place. You can also use it to keep a book open at a certain page (e.g. a cookbook) or you can simply keep one on your desk, countertop or any other flat surface just because it’s beautiful.

Depending on the design, these small desk ornaments can also be used as a reminder, a memento, a celebration of an event or even as as a memorial. Apart from these uses, a glass paperweight with no artwork inside can be used as a reading magnifier.

Unusual paperweights

Paperweights can be made out of any material (as long the art object is reasonably heavy if its use is to be maintained) and this is one of the reasons for which this type of product is my de facto art medium.

I love to create, make and design paperweights and although I love to branch out into different styles of art and design or try new materials, my signature style is marine Ikebana poetry, a type of visual art I love to display on paperweights.

Marine Ikebana poems are visual poems resembling floral arrangements seen from afar, but with coastal elements and lyrics instead of plants.

Each design is carefully crafted with an eye for detail to create a unique and beautiful statement piece that inspires you to see the beauty of being alive.

You can find out more about my art & design philosophy when creating paperweights and other types of desk decor by visiting the paperweight gallery & articles section. Join me there on my journey to make amazing paperweights for your collection!

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