11 blue home accents ideas to inspire you

Adding blue home accents to your place is a subtle way to make it more serene and relaxing. If you’re looking for ideas of blue decorative objects to add some coastal vibes to your place, no matter how far away you live from the sea, then this blog post is for you.

For your convenience, I grouped these blue home accents ideas per room.

11 blue home accents ideas featuring blue wall art poetry posters, beautiful poem photo displays, blue throw pillows, blue fine art trinket trays, blue artistic mugs, a blanket with a seashell coastal surface pattern and a glass coaster with a blue Murex snail shell

Each of the blue decorative objects seen below features my own designs of either marine Ikebana poems or bits of them as surface pattern designs. Furthermore, they are customizable at not extra charge to you. As a side note, there is no visual poem I designed which doesn’t include at least a bit of blue because it is my favorite color 🙂 Other than blue, they include a neutral color palette of black and white and varying shades of brown.

Blue home accents ideas for your living room

There are several decorative objects you can add as blue home accents in your living room: wall art with beachy vibes, some coastal desk decor (which you can also use as a shelf styling idea) or a blue and white throw pillow.

Blue home accessories for your bedroom

When it comes to blue home accents for your bedroom, you can start with a blanket featuring a coastal seashell surface pattern. In addition, you could also include any of the blue pillows below or a blue poem artistic mug by your nightstand.

Blue home accents ideas for your kitchen

Next, using blue sparingly in the kitchen can give it a crisp, clean look. Here are some inspiring ideas of blue kitchen decor! You can try a glass coaster with a blue painted murex snail seashell or a set of coastal nautical and floral blue iris flower food drink labels.

Blue bathroom decor ideas

Lastly, blue is very appropriate for the bathroom due to it being associated with the sea. If you only want to add some blue nautical accents, you can start with the blue iris flower tray below to gather all your trinkets or with a coastal bath towel set in blue and beige.

Finally, did you find an idea for what you were looking for? Which one of these is your favorite one and why? I’d love to hear from you in a comment below!

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