5 inspiring aesthetic Mother’s Day gift ideas

Don’t search anymore! This blog post will immediately show you 5 inspiring ideas of Mother’s Day gifts for you to choose the perfect one! Bonus: they are all customizable at no extra charge to you.

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What all these 5 gift ideas have in common is they’re in the desk decor niche.

The reason I chose this category is because desk decor doesn’t occupy a lot of space and it is a hassle-free and renter friendly way to enjoy beautiful and inspiring art.

If you’re thinking of offering a thoughtful gift to your mother or a future mom to be or any other mother on Mother’s Day, each of these desk decor items will allow her to enjoy more beauty in her life and to be inspired by the visual poems housed in these products.

Receiving a visual poem is a rare event and your gift will certainly be memorable.

If this is your first time on my website, I design visual poems resembling floral arrangements when seen from afar, but unlike usual floral bouquets, I use maritime elements such as seashells.

Furthermore, many of my visual poems were written following my experience of becoming a mother and for this blog post, I have selected 5 such poems which available on personalized glass paperweights.

Now there are many different products housing my visual poetry designs, but I’m drawn to few of them as much I am towards paperweights. There is something about just one beautiful paperweight residing on an uncluttered desk that I find so appealing and so hard to describe in words. But I’ll do my best to show you that vision through pictures with the following 5 inspiring aesthetic custom paperweights.

Inspiring gift idea no. 1 for moms or moms to be who swim

I am probably not the only mother who swims. I also swam a lot during pregnancy and that experience inspired me to write the shape poem your see below.

The title of the poem is “Swimming in 2” and if you zoom in a bit, you’ll notice that the branches are made of lyrics. This visual poem was originally published in Volume I of the Diamond Dust (Poems From the Black Sea) photo book series.

This glass paperweight is a great option for a swimmer mom to be or a mom who swims because it includes a poem to remind her of the beautiful experience of swimming during pregnancy.

Gift idea no. 2 for overwhelmed moms during early motherhood

If you’re searching for gifts for a new mother who is overwhelmed with all the new unpaid and unsung roles she will take or for an older mother who forgot the many unpaid and unsung roles she became good at, you must take a look at this glass paperweight for Mother’s Day!

The glass paperweight features a visual poem about early motherhood called “unpaid and unsung” and she is likely to resonate with its lyrics.

Inspiring gift idea no. 3 for new moms

This glass floral paperweight with coastal vibes is a great Mother’s Day gift for new moms due to housing a visual poem called “Sacrifice”.

It is a visual poem written in free verse about people who take advantage of a mother’s infinite love for her child and how that will backfire against everyone around, her child included, if she is not careful.

Sacrifice can be pointless and guilt doesn’t have to be a part of motherhood for everyone’s sake.

Inspiring gift idea no.4 for mothers who are mourning or ill

If the intended recipient of your planned Mother’s Day gift is mourning, undergoing surgery or suffering from a chronic disease, reading the visual poem below may bring a sense of inner peace when it is most needed.

The title of this poetic artwork is “One by One” and if you zoom in a bit, you’ll notice that the branches are made of lyrics.

The glass paperweight housing this poem features a blue iris flower from which the soothing lyrics emerge.

This custom coastal artwork could be a great sympathy gift, a condolence gift in case of mourning or an encouragement gift in case of disease for you to share your “get well soon” message.

Gift idea no. 5 for empty nester mothers

If you’re looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas which are appropriate for empty nesters, this glass paperweight could be the right option for you!

This desk decor product features a visual poem called “Detachment”. Each branch of the poem takes you along the path of motherhood from start to the empty nest phase.

It also features a blue murex shell from which the lyrical branches emerge.

As with all the other mentioned ideas, once you click on any of the images or links attached to them, you will be taken to the Zazzle platform where you can choose different shapes or sizes for each paperweight. You can also customize any product from my shop there. Furthermore, if you find a design that you like, you can transfer it to any other product that Zazzle offers. These are all done at no extra charge to you!

Although Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days throughout the world, my hope is that you found the right gift in this blog post. Let me know in a comment below!

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