Marine Ikebana poetry

A collection of blog posts about marine Ikebana poetry, the process of creating marine Ikebana poems, details on what led to this new contemporary art form, Japanese aesthetic concepts, visual poetry design and related design tutorials, how to read marine Ikebana poems and details from the Diamond Dust (Poems From the Black Sea) photo book series

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Beyond blooms: is Ikebana restricted to flowers only?

Are you familiar with the Japanese art form of arranging flowers in a vase and wondering whether Ikebana is restricted to flowers only? There are many offshoots of this beautiful art form where the aesthetic principles are maintained, but non-flower elements are used instead, for example, in Ikebana with fruits and vegetables (Morimono). Ikebana without …

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15 coastal dinnerware ideas for inspiration

If you love the seaside as much as I do, then this blog post on 15 coastal dinnerware ideas is for you! The coastal style in home decor seeks to mimic the colors and the mood of being by the seaside. When applied to dinnerware, tableware, dishware or to any object used for serving and …

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5 inspiring aesthetic Mother’s Day gift ideas

Don’t search anymore! This blog post will immediately show you 5 inspiring ideas of Mother’s Day gifts for you to choose the perfect one! Bonus: they are all customizable at no extra charge to you. What all these 5 gift ideas have in common is they’re in the desk decor niche. The reason I chose …

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Wabi sabi memory box ideas, wabi sabi interior, memory box ideas diy, keepsake boxes, shadow box for passed loved ones, diy box, gift box, Japanese vibes aesthetic, Japanese wallpaper aesthetic, shadow box ideas memorial, shadow box memory, minimalist coastal home decor

Wabi sabi memory box ideas

If you’re searching for some amazing memory box ideas with a special aesthetic angle, you’ve come to the right place! Why make a memory box? As its name suggests, a memory box is a box for storing your memories of a certain event or person in the form of treasured items from the past. Storing …

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11 blue home accents ideas featuring blue wall art poetry posters, beautiful poem photo displays, blue throw pillows, blue fine art trinket trays, blue artistic mugs, a blanket with a seashell coastal surface pattern and a glass coaster with a blue Murex snail shell

11 blue home accents ideas to inspire you

Adding blue home accents to your place is a subtle way to make it more serene and relaxing. If you’re looking for ideas of blue decorative objects to add some coastal vibes to your place, no matter how far away you live from the sea, then this blog post is for you. For your convenience, …

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8 coastal aesthetic desk decor ideas with seashells and poetry, cozy cubicle, office desk decor for work cubicle, study desk aesthetic, home decor ideas, small living room ideas, work desk decor ideas, how to decorate my office at work, desk organization, cubicle decor office work spaces, study desk ideas

8 coastal aesthetic desk decor ideas to inspire you

Have you ever procrastinated for hours instead of just doing your work at the desk and then enjoying your time off? I know I did. Let’s just say I can easily miss the seaside when I spend too much time at my desk. The seaside – and to a lesser degree the swimming pool – …

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5 seashell art prints for your walls

Are you looking for some unique seashell art to delight you and remind you of the carefree days you spent by the seaside? Then you’re in the right place! I am a graphic designer specializing in marine Ikebana poems and I draw my inspiration from Japanese aesthetics and the Romanian coast of the Black Sea. …

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7 golden ratio examples in art and design, random aesthetic, night aesthetic, aesthetic photo, creative art, pain in art, geometric art, geometry art, fibonacci sacred geometry, love art, dark exotic art, wealth aesthetic, vibes aesthetic, clean girl aesthetic, art inspo

7 golden ratio examples in art and design

As a seashell collector with a background in engineering and medicine, it was only natural to turn to the golden ratio when I decided to make something beautiful by starting to design visual poems. If you’re not familiar with the golden ratio, this blog post will tell you what it is, how to use the …

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2 functional decor ideas printed in stone, stone art, coaster ideas, kitchen decor ideas, kitchen decor inspiration, kitchen decorating ideas, minimalism aesthetic, Ikebana, sea shells, coastal style, wabi sabi interior

2 functional decor ideas with golden ratio art printed in stone

Do you like visual art, do you like the durability of stone as a material, but you also expect some functionality before you buy something for yourself or as a gift? Then you are going to like the following functional decor ideas with golden ratio art printed in stone!