Hello! My name is Anca and I am a graphic designer who finds inspiration during long walks by the seaside. Here you’ll discover modern and minimalistic designs of fine art paperweights and coastal wall art prints (to beautify your home/office or offer them as gifts), as well as customizable design templates for packaging products and branding your businesses. Every design is carefully crafted with attention to detail and a passion for creating something unique and beautiful that will make you enjoy life even more. Apart from the designs you can find and customize on this portfolio page, I also work as a freelance designer. I am available for custom orders to meet individual and business design requirements (sometimes with a combination of SEO-optimized content and graphic design), as well as for licensing arrangements for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

Design templates: packaging design

Design templates: branding identity branding collateral, logo design included

Japandi home decor design collection

Design templates: stationery

Fine art paperweights

Coastal wall art prints: marine Ikebana

I design visual poems shaped as Japanese style flower arrangements, using lyrics and marine elements such as seashells.

I call this genre of art and poetry, marine Ikebana, and such concrete poetry designs are available on several types of products such as wall decor (art prints), shelf & desk decor, as well as decorative containers.

Whether you need calming and inspiring poetic decor for your desk and shelves, wall art to hang on your walls or decorative containers to organize your space in style, my visual poems are harmonious and make plenty of use from the golden ratio and a calming, soft neutral color palette.

All these artworks and many more are printed by Pictorem, a supplier I chose due to their exquisite quality, but also because they arrange the planting of 1 tree for every shipped print.

The artworks are also available as a collection of books on Blurb (hardcover books) and Amazon (paperback books), as well as on various customizable products in my Zazzle shop.

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