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Designing marine Ikebana poems is a labor of love, but while creating and sharing them, I have developed a broad range of 2D/3D design, content and marketing skills which you could use in your business and/or for your own personal projects.

Briefly, I am comfortable in creating both visually and by crafting text content.

I can help you with the following services, split by category:


  • branding and pitching materials such as designing business cards, flyers, business swag and banners
  • label or packaging design for food, drinks, perfume bottles and dietary supplements
  • 3D modelling in Blender
  • graphic designs for print on demand (POD) platforms, seamless patterns included
  • apparel design and merchandise design
  • book cover design for KDP, paperbacks and hardcovers
  • photo book design


  • scientific illustration – hand drawn (using watercolor pencils), freehand digital illustrations, vector graphic, digital art, digital painting, 2D illustration
  • editorial illustration for books and magazines


  • informative and visually appealing Pinterest pin design with SEO titles and descriptions in order to market your brand and content
  • infographic design and writing of lead magnets in the medical and technical niches


  • SEO writing for your website and blog
  • technical documentation
  • competitor analysis reports
  • SEO translation from Romanian to English and vice versa
  • ebook, paperback and hardcover book interior design (formatting and typesetting) for various publishing platforms like KDP

If you’d like to collaborate, there are 3 ways in which we can work together:

  1. Zazzle is an international print on demand platform with MANY products. I can design you the product(s) you need, send you the private link(s) to those products and you can then customize them as you see fit and order them printed how many times you want to. This is a great option if you want anything designed for your business. You can either contact me on Zazzle or use the contact form below to tell me exactly what you need designed.
  2. Upwork is a very well known platform for matching clients with freelancers. If you prefer to work through it and/or if you want the design files to use as you see fit, click on the Upwork button below which will take you to my Upwork profile.
  3. For everything else, please contact me by using the contact form below.

Please pick any of the options you see below and let’s connect!

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