5 seashell art prints for your walls

Are you looking for some unique seashell art to delight you and remind you of the carefree days you spent by the seaside? Then you’re in the right place!

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I am a graphic designer specializing in marine Ikebana poems and I draw my inspiration from Japanese aesthetics and the Romanian coast of the Black Sea. Marine Ikebana poems are visual poems which resemble Japanese Ikebana floral arrangements, but instead of branches, I write and add lyrics as curved text and instead of flowers, leaves, fruits and vases, I include collage photos of seashells. These poems are created digitally, but they are available to be printed on many different media, wall art prints included.

For this blog post, I included links to 5 examples of seashell wall art which are available on Zazzle. This is a platform where you can customize the designs in any way you see fit, at no additional charge to you and even without being logged in. You can pick a different size, a different material on which the image is printed or transfer the design on a different product. For your convenience, I have added here 2 versions of each artwork: one with the original background color as published in book format and another one with a transparent background which you can change in Zazzle by selecting a different color. If you encounter any problem, leave me a comment here or contact me on Zazzle and I will help you.

Note: once you add any of these seashell art prints in your cart on Zazzle, you can also add a standard frame or a custom frame and mat.

Which one do you like the most? I’d love to hear from you in a comment below!

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