Custom double monogram coastal phone accessories

For today’s blog post, I designed 3 coastal phone accessories featuring a green seahorse I drew last evening. The only thing left for you is to customize them with your own initials.

These monogrammed phone accessories include a phone case, a wireless charger and a phone ring holder or phone ring stand. The phone case is available for several iPhone and Samsung models.

By making them available on the Zazzle platform, there are lots of ways you can further customize these designs without you being signed in:

  • you can change the background color
  • you can change the position of the seahorse illustration
  • you can delete or add images and/or text

Last but not least, you can transfer any of these designs to any other product from the Zazzle platform.

If you encounter any issue with customizing any of the designs above or if you’d like the seahorse illustration on a different color, leave me a message in the comments section below!

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