Gallery of marine Ikebana poetry (wall decor)

What is marine Ikebana poetry?

Briefly, I depict what I create as marine Ikebana poetry. While drawing my inspiration from Ikebana, the Japanese art of arranging flowers, I used seashells and poetry lines instead of flowers, branches and pots. You can see the result in the images below which are available as art prints or gathered in a photo book series if you go to the Books tab.

What is this poetry all about?

In short, the main theme is (im)permanence. If you climbed the steep path of creating something from anything, if you are a mother, if you are a polymath always juggling between different careers and hobbies, you’ll find yourself in this short and visually pleasing type of poetry. Just give it a try by scrolling below.

Are you interested in unique marine Ikebana poetry art prints to decorate your home and office? Scroll down to see them all! Hover over any photo below and click now to order seamlessly! If you encounter any issue, contact me and I’ll help you ASAP.

If you can’t order the framed poster, you could use double sided adhesive tape or special clips and you won’t damage your wall.


One tree planted for every print shipped.

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