7 black minimalist inspirational poem art ideas to decorate an office

Are you looking for ways to decorate an office which are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also inspiring you to do your best work? Here are 7 ideas of concrete poems to display in your office.

As a side note, by choosing ANY of the inspirational poem art ideas from this list, you will not deal with the hassle of hanging wall art because all these objects can be placed as such on your desk or shelves. They will also not add to visual clutter because if looking at them from afar, the lyrics are barely visible and the branches from these bouquet-like arrangements look like regular branches instead of free verse poetry. If this is your first time reading such a poem, here is a short guide on how to read and make sense of marine Ikebana poetry.

7 black minimalist inspirational poem art ideas to decorate your office minimalist designer blog
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The list below includes two types of decor objects:

  • acrylic photo blocks
  • glass paperweights

By following any of the affiliate links below, you can further customize the designs on the Zazzle platform and you can do that without signing in.

All these visual poems have a black background and they will fit light color shades and white surroundings very well, but if you prefer a different color in the background, play around on Zazzle by clicking on the “Personalize it” button and then clicking on “Edit using Design Tool”. Another thing you may change for all these decor objects is the shape by choosing a different existing shape from the product listing before you add the product to your cart. I designed each of these for one specific shape and size, but so if you change the shape and/or the size, you may need to play around with the image in the editing tool so that it fits properly inside the new shape and size. If you encounter any issues here, send me a message on Zazzle.

1. Take Off

I’ll start this list with a black minimalist short poem to decorate an office, featuring a seashell butterfly ready to take off from a Murex snail shell. The title of this artwork is “Take Off” and if you zoom in a bit, you’ll notice that the branches are made of lyrics. This visual poem was originally published in Volume V of the Diamond Dust (Poems From the Black Sea) photo book series

2. Visited

If you miss being in the flow and visited by the muse, then this elegant and minimalist black octagonal coastal Ikebana decor piece is for you. It features the golden ratio based visual poem called “Visited” which was originally published in 2020 in Volume IV from the “Diamond Dust (Poems From the Black Sea)” photo book series.

3. The Ink Pot

When having a creative block due to too much screen time, one thing that solves it is handwriting on real paper. Speaking of handwriting, you probably handwrote more during school and the minimalist paperweight above features a one line poem shaped like a spiral about the early days when I used to write with a blue fountain pen and use an ink pot at school, the poem ending with a brown striped Murex snail shell and several blue vertical lines, all set up against a black background. This glass paperweight will look great on your desk and it will bring you some coastal vibes and remind you of the sea breeze at night. Also available in other shapes.

4. The Home Boat

I’ll continue the list of ideas with this black minimalist coastal decor photo block which reveals a visual poem called “The Home Boat” originally published in 2020 in Volume V from the “Diamond Dust (Poems From the Black Sea)”. It is a short poem about finding inspiration by taking a break from everything in order to drink tea, peruse art albums and take a bath. Simple, but it works.

5. The Black Sea

You may not always be able to leave everything and go for a walk by the beach, so why not bring the sea inside your office with this black and blue glass paperweight inspired by the Black Sea?  It features a vase shaped like a full moon with seashells from the Black Sea shoreline embedded in it by following a spiral path. A conch shell centerpiece sits on top of it and the geometric visual poem emerges from the vase. If you resonate with this kind of art, you can buy it as such or you can customize the design, add text, change the background color or choose a different paperweight shape.

6. Pale Grief

If what stops you from focusing is (hidden) grief, then this visual poem called “Pale Grief” is for you. It is a unique blue lotus and grief poem black rectangular photo block featuring a visual poem about coping with grief by swimming. Day in and day out.

7. Late Bloomer

And if you feel like you are chronically late to the party, you will enjoy this poem about late bloomers or people who do their best work/become successful or attractive later than expected. You can even customize it further, e.g. you can change the background color, change or update the white text above the actual poem (I wrote the name of the poem in a calligraphic font, but you can change it to your favorite quote or saying).

We have now reached the end of this list of 7 black minimalist inspirational poem art ideas to decorate an office. Which one is your favorite and why? Let me know in a comment below!

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