Some people indulge in cigarettes. My vice? I indulge in learning. Lifelong learning.
I’m one of those people still reading career guides in their adulthood. And I read them not so much to find the perfect career – which is different at each life stage anyway – but just to get inspired on new things to try.

I love art but I also love open spaces hence this blog where I document my journey into mixed media art and design with an angle towards minimalism. My influences range from Art Nouveau to traditional Japanese arts and crafts. I am also a seashell collector trying to balance adding a new seashell to my collection with keeping everything neat and uncluttered.

As regards my background, I am a polymath who went from arts to humanities to engineering to medicine and I have no intention to ever stop learning new things and trying new fields. I write another blog on gerontology where I wear the hats of a geriatrics physician,book author and life extension blogger whose idea of fun is swimming followed by sushi time. If you’re curious, here’s the link.