ancaiovita4Have you always been on the lookout for ways to simplify, downsize and declutter and still enjoy visual artwork at home? I certainly have. Which is why I created this blog mixing minimalist designs – some of them 3D printable – with tips on storing artwork without cluttering your living space.

I experienced printing on demand as an author and I decided it is time to challenge myself and do the same with printing stuff on demand.

Since I am a minimalist and I crave open space, I won’t print every 3d design I post here. A major reason for which I don’t print most designs is that I’m still on the lookout for green materials. The 3D printing market is flooded with plastics. If I could easily melt and reuse my models, I’d spend way more at the nearest 3D printing service. But it’s still a learning process and for the time being, I’ll be focusing on long-term use first and recycling second.